Mobil Advanced wear-protection oil, Mobilgear 600 XP
Mobilgear 600 XPmicropittingbearings and seasincreased productivity
Introducing Mobilgear 600 XP. A trusted name. A new formula.

For over 30 years, Mobilgear 600 has been the trusted premium gear oil used to protect gearboxes. In order to stay ahead of the evolving gearbox technologies, Mobil is introducing Mobilgear 600 XP.

In the past, gearboxes were big, heavy and durable in construction. They only needed a simple extreme pressure-fortified lubricant to keep going. However, in recent years gearbox technology has changed and requires an improved lubricant. New technology gears are susceptible to a nearly invisible wear condition known as micropitting. This microscopic wear can lead to problems with all critical gearbox components, gears, bearings and seals.

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