SignumSM oil analysis

Signum Oil Analysis

Manufacturing professionals know that used oil analysis can help them achieve peak performance by providing advance warning of abnormal conditions that could contribute to equipment and oil degradation. Customers look to ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants (F&L) for oil analysis service, specifically tailored to monitor critical indicators in used oil based on leading equipment builder specs and international standards, and founded on our detailed condition assessment and easy-to-use reporting. Our engineers create a turnkey program through

• Establishing representative sampling points and intervals
• Identifying subtle trends that could contribute to sub-optimal performance
• Documenting recommendations and confirmation of benefits achieved through reduced
   unscheduled downtime, machine replacement parts, oil consumption, and labor costs
• Conducting on-site training to create lubrication awareness

We take oil analysis to the next level with our Signum oil analysis service. Making it easier for maintenance professionals to ensure long life and productivity of the equipment, Signum Oil Analysis is backed by unsurpassed flexibility, expertise, and quality assurance.

• Manage and update equipment registrations
• Select analysis options based on your equipment or maintenance needs
• Create and sequence unique sample routes

• Benefit from proprietary test control limits based on your equipment and applications
• Receive expert assessments that identify problems, establish causes, and recommend actions

• Realize advantages through practices and methods that are regularly audited
• Experience a commitment to quality through consistent, accurate oil-analysis results

Signum Oil Analysis brings the resources of ExxonMobil F&L to you in a convenient way. Our technologically advanced oil analysis service includes proprietary tools that you can access online.

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