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Our products and processes

Leveraging our industry-leading technology and engineering resources, we offer some of the most innovative lubricant and specialty products and services that help deliver tangible performance- and sustainability-related benefits, as well as material economic advantages to industry and consumers. Performance benefits are specifically detailed in our product data sheets and backed by lab, equipment builder, and/or field test data. What's more, the processes and programs put in place in our operations help support the progress of sustainability every day.

Our broad line of advanced lubricating oils and greases can help increase equipment operating efficiency and engine fuel economy, and help contribute to reduced energy and resource use, lower emissions, and cost savings for industrial equipment, machinery, passenger, and commercial vehicle engines.

Innovations in product formulations and programs help deliver long lubricant performance cycles and extended oil life, and help reduce lubricant consumption, used oil volumes, and operating expenses.


Our advanced technology lubricants help protect and extend equipment life, which in turn significantly helps minimize the need to purchase new equipment and associated maintenance, disposal, and replacement costs.

We helped pioneer a new category of hydraulic fluids, greases, and other lubricants in our Mobil EAL™ (Environmental Awareness Lubricants) line that helps deliver maximum protection of equipment in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our white oils are used as a component in a broad range of products, including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which many people use to enhance the convenience and quality of everyday life.

Mobil™ Industrial Lubricants play a role in a number of diverse power-generation applications used in wind turbines, geothermal and cogeneration plants, hydroelectric installations, and nuclear facilities.

Our specialty and asphalt products help enhance the conservation of resources by promoting reduced use and increased re-use of materials.

Our industry-leading processes and systems in our operations support the progress of sustainability every day.