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Delivering innovation for over a century 

ExxonMobil Aviation is an industry leading marketer of jet fuel and aviation lubricants with a proud heritage originating with the Wright Brothers' first flight.

We are committed to serving the global aviation industry across the commercial, military and general aviation sectors. Our product line includes both jet fuels and high performance lubricants such as jet oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other aviation products. This nose-to-tail offer is unique in the industry, allowing you to work with a single source supplier for all of your fuel and lubricant needs.

Our commitment to technology leadership and innovation is demonstrated by our industry leading product line and strong cooperation with manufacturers of turbine engines and airframes. Mobil Jet™, our jet turbine oil brand is recognized across the globe and available in more than 100 countries worldwide. Recent capital investments into a state-of-the-art blending and packaging facility demonstrate our long-term commitment to the aviation industry and set a new standard for excellence.

As one of the largest refiners in the world, our global supply organization and distribution network ensure supply reliability, product quality and timely delivery of our products to your fleet. Our commitment to safety and product integrity are core values and are deeply ingrained in our processes and business approach.

ExxonMobil Aviation offers exceptional customer support, providing solutions to address your business needs:

  • Dedicated professionals strategically located around the world
  • 24/7 lubricants technical hotline
  • Access to experienced engineering expertise
  • Global network of lubricant distributors

Tested and proven in the aviation business for more than a century. We are committed to the aviation industry and want to be your trusted supplier of choice.

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100 years of innovation

We have been a technology leader and trusted aviation partner around the world for over a century. Our fuel and lubricant products have been chosen for some of history's most celebrated aircraft and space programs.

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