Energy outlook 

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Energy is all around us, it is vital to every aspect of our lives. Together, technology and energy advances have helped bring about an unprecedented improvement in human well-being.

As the world’s population approaches 9 billion people in 2040, we are challenged to not just meet basic needs, but also improve living standards throughout the world. It is our view that meeting this challenge will require an increase in energy use worldwide of approximately 35%. Fortunately the world holds a vast and diverse array of energy resources. We also possess increasingly advanced technologies that can safely and reliably supply this energy, while addressing the risks associated with rising greenhouse gas emission.


Energy demand in aviation

Through the year 2040, the world’s population will enjoy rising prosperity and global trade will increase. With more people and goods being flown around the world, we anticipate that global demand for aviation fuels will grow by about 70% between 2010 and 2040.

Transportation demand by sector

Transportatition demand by sectorMillions of oil-equivalent barrels per day

This increased demand for aviation fuels is expected, even with aircraft operational efficiencies anticipated to improve during this time. These efficiencies will be achieved in many ways, including advanced engine technology, lower-weight aircraft and better air traffic management.

Learn more about ExxonMobil’s long-term global view of energy demand and supply with the Outlook for Energy. Its annual findings help guide ExxonMobil's long-term investments and we share the outlook to help promote better understanding of the issues shaping the world’s energy future.

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