Commercial, general and military aviation sectors

Fleet of aircrafts

As one of the largest refiners in the world, we focus on serving the global aviation industry across the commercial, military and general aviation sectors.

Our nose-to-tail offer is unique in the industry, conveniently providing customers with a single source supplier for all of their fuel and lubricant needs.


Commercial airlines fuels and lubricants

We have served the commercial aviation industry since its inception. We have a wide range of experience, working with many of the world’s largest commercial airlines. Our technology leadership in lubricants continues to set the industry standard. Our fuels are delivered through various modes; into-planes, into tanks and into pipelines, depending on location. Investments in our distribution network around the world ensure consistent quality and delivery to commercial airlines worldwide.

  • Jet A, Jet A-1 and Avgas are widely available at airports across the world – see our range of commercial aviation fuels.
  • Our Mobil Jet™ oils offer the most advanced lubricant technology specifically designed to meet or exceed the latest industry and military specifications – learn more about our range of Mobil Jet oils.
  • We offer a full line of premium hydraulic fluids and greases that are designed to deliver outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions – see our range of hydraulic fluids and greases.


 Military aviation fuels and lubricants

We offer reliable supply of military jet fuel and lubricants to the US Department of Defense Logistics Agency and other military forces around the world.

  • Military grade aviation fuels are available at select locations – see our line of fuels for the military.
  • Mobil AGL™ protects military helicopter transmissions operating at high temperatures – see the full Mobil AGL product specification.
  • Mobilgrease™ 28 has been a trusted, multipurpose grease of choice for military applications for more than 30 years.

 General aviation fuels and lubricants

We provide fuels and lubricants to a wide range of customers at general aviation airport facilities branded as ExxonMobil Aviation, Esso or Mobil Aviation and at many commercial airports. We understand the unique needs of the general aviation customer, offering Avgas, jet fuel products and over-wing refuelling, as well as jet turbine, piston engine oils, hydraulic fluids and greases.

  • To learn more about where to buy ExxonMobil Aviation fuels and lubricants, visit our where to buy tool.
  • To learn more about which fuels and lubricants products meet your needs, visit our product chart.
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