Commitment to technology leadership

scientist in technology leadership

We are committed to technology leadership and dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services to our customers:

“At ExxonMobil, we are keenly aware of the technology-rich nature of our business. Technology is the very lifeblood of our success today and it is the platform for our success tomorrow."- Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation.

Within ExxonMobil Aviation, we have demonstrated our commitment to technology leadership for more than a century. Our history of innovation dates back to 1903 when the Wright Brothers used Mobil-branded lubricants and Jersey Standard fuel for their historic flight. Our products have been selected for many aviation breakthroughs, including the first transatlantic flight in 1958 and the first Space Shuttle flight.

Our reputation for introducing breakthrough products is renowned. At the heart of our technology leadership is ongoing collaboration with our business partners, industry groups and our customers. We focus on product quality and providing solutions to address customers’ needs - developing tomorrow's innovative products, today.

Our commitment to technology extends to manufacturing and distribution. Our new state-of-the art jet oil manufacturing facility in Port Allen, Louisiana leverages an advanced in-line blending process that increases capacity and ensures a high quality product. This facility sets a standard for manufacturing excellence and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the aviation industry.


ExxonMobil research and engineering

Our research and engineering facilities located in Paulsboro, New Jersey, USA, feature world-class laboratories for product development and performance testing. With labs that are dedicated to both fuels and lubricants, we ensure the highest quality nose-to-tail product offering for our customers.

Throughout the product lifecycle, performance and clear representation are key aspects of our product management process. Our expertise enables a global technology network consisting of ExxonMobil personnel, original equipment manufacturers and other key industry players.


Development and testing

To maximize benefits, product development is a cross-functional and integrated cycle involving key stakeholders. Continuous improvement is a key element of process management ensuring outstanding performance and enabling a competitive advantage.

Our researchers formulate products that meet or exceed relevant industry standards and customer needs. This is demonstrated through extensive product testing in both the laboratory and the field. This testing is critical in ensuring that our products meet brand claims and representations.

With continued investment in technology and the ingenuity of our people, ExxonMobil Aviation has delivered numerous innovations that have positively impacted the aviation industry for more than 100 years. Our commitment to technology ensures that we will continue to provide industry-leading products to our customers today and in the future.

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