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ExxonMobil Aviation provides consistently high quality products and services wherever we operate. As one of the world’s largest refiners, we have an extensive global jet fuel production capability. Our refineries, combined with a network of proprietary lubricant blending and packaging facilities, provide one of the most comprehensive supply chains in the industry. We have an integrated supply organization managing all of our manufacturing and distribution facilities, ensuring worldwide availability of our products.

We procure raw materials from integrated ExxonMobil and third-party facilities, in order to blend proprietary formulations of lubricants, hydraulics and greases. Products are then packaged and distributed globally. We optimize the transport of raw materials and finished products to reliably supply our customers, while monitoring key manufacturing parameters to reduce energy, recycle materials, and minimize waste.

ExxonMobil Aviation employs a diverse, global workforce. Our marketing, customer service centers and sales zone offices are strategically located around the world, to provide you with borderless coverage.

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