Commitment to product integrity

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ExxonMobil Aviation recognizes that product integrity and customer satisfaction are of primary importance to the value of our brands and to our success. Our absolute commitment to product integrity requires clear understanding and proactive management of product quality, performance, representation and regulatory compliance over the life cycle of products.

We are mindful of our responsibility to the customers we serve directly and to the channel partners who distribute our products. We strive to understand their requirements and concerns and to respond effectively to their needs.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • High-quality products that meet or exceed equipment specifications and customer needs under all reasonable circumstances.
  • Services that reliably meet responsible standards of performance, efficiency and courtesy.
  • Accurate information about our products and services, including details of guarantees and warranties, so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions.

In addition, where products reach our customers through independent parties, such as distributors, we work closely with them to help ensure product integrity through their operations.

To deliver our commitment to product integrity, we continually evaluate and improve our global product integrity management systems.

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