Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE)


Flawless performance is embedded across our organization, ensuring safe, reliable products and services. We manage SSHE risks with our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS),
a management structure that supports safe and environmentally responsible operations and compliance with all SSHE laws and regulations.

The OIMS operations standards are ingrained into everyday work processes at all levels, across all of our employees and contractors located around the world. We have been cited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for “being among the leaders in the extent to which environmental management considerations have been integrated into our ongoing business practices.”

ExxonMobil Aviation offers our customers the highest standard of safety and reliability in three ways:

Establishing processes that ensure awareness and accountability

OIMS establishes a company-wide channel for addressing SSHE risks. OIMS does not just provide oversight; it fundamentally drives our operations from top to bottom. Through this framework, we monitor, benchmark and measure all aspects of our SSHE performance.

Preventing incidents with comprehensive inspection programs

Comprehensive inspection programs ensure all of ExxonMobil Aviation’s operations maintain the highest operating standards. Certified fuels inspectors regularly visit locations to ensure that operations are running safely and efficiently throughout our global supply and distribution network.

Complying with national laws and aviation regulations

We work within local laws and aviation regulations. Our operating standards are documented and provide global consistency in application. This ensures compliance with regulations and enables us to maintain our high standards of business conduct and ethics.

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