Shelf life bulletin

Mobil Jet oil product range

The shelf life of an aviation lubricant is the recommended time period during which ExxonMobil represents that the product is suitable for use (dispensing into equipment), provided the container has remained unopened, undamaged and was stored indoors. 

Normal storage temperatures should be in the 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F) range. For certain products, short duration excursions outside of this range may be acceptable. Please consult ExxonMobil if you are unsure.

  • The shelf life of an Exxon and Mobil™ aviation lubricant is listed on the container as the “Use by” date.
  • If an Exxon or Mobil aviation lubricant container does not have a “Use by” date listed, check the manufacturing date in the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and add the recommended time period listed below to that date to determine the product’s shelf life.

ExxonMobil may extend the shelf life of a specific batch of product based on package style, package condition, known storage history or test results from an approved laboratory.

Once a container is opened, the product should be protected from contamination. It is good practice to use an open container’s content as soon as possible. Since degradation after a container is opened depends on the particular product, storage and handling conditions or potential contamination by the end user, the standard shelf life recommendations listed below are no longer applicable.

Some organizations, such as the US military, have their own periodic product retest requirements. These requirements may not coincide with the ExxonMobil shelf life recommendations.
The recommended time period information below applies to unopened containers.

ProductRecommended Time Period
Mobil Jet™ 387, 254, ll10 years in quarts; 5 years in pails and drums; 2 years in totes
Exxon HyJet™ IV-Aplus, V10 years in quarts/gallons; 5 years in pails and drums
Mobil Aero™ Series5 years in any container
Mobilgrease™ 33, 286 years in any container*
Mobil™ Aviation Grease SHC 1006 years in any container*
Exxon Aviation Oil Elite™ 20W-5010 years in quarts; 5 years in pails and drums
Mobil Avrex™ S Turbo 256, M Turbo 201/101010 years in quarts; 5 years in pails and drums
Mobil AGL™ Synthetic Aviation Gear Lubricant5 years in pails and drums
Exxon Coolanol™5 years in any container


 For a full list of all products, download the shelf life bulletin here

* If a layer of oil is observed on top of the grease, mix it into the top one-to-two inches (2.5cm to 5.0cm) of grease prior to use. Horizontally stored grease cartridges may bleed minor amounts of oil. This may make the container cosmetically unpleasing, but the grease remains suitable for use.

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