Aviation fuels

Reliable supply at airports around the globe

Our refineries, combined with a network of pipelines and terminals, ensure reliable supply of aviation fuel to support the commercial, general and military aviation sectors. You can be assured that our fuel is compliant with international specifications for military and commercial aviation, readily available, tested at the point of delivery and backed by our commitment to safety, security, health
and environment.

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Jet A/Jet A-1

Kerosene-type aviation fuels. Jet A meets the requirements of ASTM specification D1655 (delivered primarily in the US). Jet A-1 meets the requirements of DEF STAN 91-91 specification (available outside the US).


Our fuel for piston engine-powered aircraft meets the requirements of ASTM D910, standard specification for aviation gasoline, and DEF STAN 91-90
(DERD 2485).


US Military-approved kerosene jet fuels contain unique, performance-enhancing additives. JP8 fuel meets the requirements of NATO F-34, NATO F-35, MIL-DTL-83133 and DEF STAN 91-87. JP5 fuel meets the requirements of NATO F-44, MIL-DTL-5624 and DEF STAN 91-86. Contact us for information on where to buy