Optimize hydraulic system performance and proactively identify problems with Exxcare, our proprietary fluid analysis program.

Exxcare is an online program, designed to maximize the life and performance of hydraulic system components and fluids. Operators can test each aircraft hydraulic system on a regular basis (every C-check).

We strive to find ways to reduce fleet maintenance costs and programs such as Exxcare offer potential cost savings to our customers.

Exxcare can help you:

  • Detect problems before they become critical and costly
  • Identify systematic issues in your aircraft or fleet
  • Improve reliability in your hydraulic systems

The program is easy to use; just take a fluid sample from a component and send it to us for analysis. After fully analyzing the fluid we will provide a report of our findings and make recommendations to improve performance. For customer convenience, we provide hydraulic fluid analysis results online. We use a secure, password-protected website, which also allows you to:

  • Compare results against OEM-recommended limits
  • View results for specific aircraft makes and models, or entire fleets
  • Receive expert analysis of your fleet’s assessment

View a sample Exxcare report.

To find out more about the Exxcare program, contact an ExxonMobil Aviation representative.

 Access the Exxcare program online (subscribers only).

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