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Our range of aviation lubricants includes piston, gear and specialty turbine oils. They are specifically formulated to offer outstanding performance for a wide array of applications.

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Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50

This piston oil offers superb protection over other leading piston engine oils on the market. It helps to cool engines, keep them clean and protect against rust
and corrosion.

Mobil Avrex S Turbo 256

This fully synthetic, 3 centistoke turbine oil is designed for use in auxiliary power units (APU) and recommended for commercial and military aircraft.

Mobil Avrex M Turbo 201/1010

Our mineral oil-based gas turbine lubricant is recommended for use in older-design engines.

Mobil AGL Synthetic Aviation Gear Lubricant

High-performance gear and bearing oil designed to increase productivity in civilian and military
helicopter transmissions.


Heat transfer fluid designed to meet the special needs of sensitive electronic components and environmental control systems in aircraft, missiles
and spacecraft.