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Our representatives are on hand to discuss how PES can help you meet your business objectives. 
Signum Oil Analysis
Simplify your lubrication monitoring process, manage equipment more efficiently and increase your productivity and profit. 
Cylinder Condition Monitoring
Discover our advanced approach to analysing and optimising cylinder oil feed rates in slow speed two-stroke engines. 
Detecting Asphaltene Contamination
Monitor engine lubricants for contamination and reduce deposit formation by managing asphaltene and TBN levels. 

Planned engineering service

Planned Engineering Service

Through our Planned Engineering Service (PES), our experienced engineers can work with you to understand your fleet’s particular lubricants needs and recommend a programme to meet your specific goals and objectives.

The PES process is designed to help you maximise the benefits of our products and technical services (SignumSM Oil Analysis, Cylinder Condition Monitoring and Detecting Asphaltene Contamination), by providing a customised programme for planning and implementing a proactive approach to your fleet’s lubrication and maintenance.

PES can help you track the performance and results of our products and services, helping you quantify the benefits to your business, which could include:

  • Extended equipment overhaul
  • Continuous improvement in your lubrication programme
  • Less unscheduled equipment downtime

  • Less energy consumption

  • Fewer replacement parts
  • Reduced purchasing costs

  • Less lubricant consumption and waste 
  • More effective maintenance control

  • Safe and effective operation processes

Through PES our engineers will:

  • Work with your technical and engineering personnel to proactively determine focus areas that both parties can work to lower lubrication costs
  • Utilise a formal four-step proven process to deliver value to you by working on customer-agreed engineering objectives
  • Document the recommendations and the net value generated through the cooperative work
  • Utilise a Total Cost of Ownership format to express the net value of the cooperative work
  • Recognise the efforts and support of vessel and office personnel
  • Identify key issues, new objectives and expected results

The PES Process


The PES process

 What to expect

  • Commitment letter outlining the mutually agreed to objective that ExxonMobil engineers will work with your personnel to complete during the year
  • Completion of the mutually agreed objectives
  • Documented findings, recommendations and value of the completed objectives
  • Annual Business Review summarising the cooperative activities over the reporting period and documented benefits to the customer