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We provide the industry with marine fuels and lubricant solutions. A complete range of marine fuel oils and distillates helps enable reliable, efficient engine operation, while our lubricants protect and enhance engines and equipment performance. It's all backed by technical services and support that can enhance operational performance.

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premium eca fuels

Our ECA category fuel provides quick, safe switchovers and minimises the risk of thermal shock shutdowns.

Marine distillates

ExxonMobil’s marine diesel oil and MGO offer high-quality alternatives for most vessels, including those with low sulphur requirements.

Marine fuel oils

ExxonMobil offers high-quality marine fuel oils via a safe and reliable supply chain.

slow speed cylinder oils

High-performance lubricants for slow-speed engines, offering enhanced protection from adhesive and corrosive wear.

slow speed system oil

Discover how Mobilgard™ 300 C system oil helps enhance cleanliness in crosshead diesel engines.

medium-speed engine oils (hfo)

MobilGard™ oils help protect against deposits in the most severe residual medium-speed diesel marine applications.

medium speed engine oils distillate use

Low-consumption diesel engine oils promote excellent performance in demanding marine operating conditions.

high speed engine oils

Extend engine life and protect components at high temperatures using our line of Mobil Delvac™ oils.

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Explore how our services and solutions, including SignumSM Oil Analysis and MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring, help maximise vessel performance.